All instrument installations are performed by our highly skilled direct hire technicians. All of our technicians strive to have a complete understanding of our customerís processes. We provide initial installation and set up, field testing, calibration & configuration, documentation and data sheets for all of our instrument installs including SIS.

Our documentation package includes:

  • As found/as left for calibration and configuration
  • Instrument index fully documented and linked by tag number including:
    • Instrument Location Drawings
    • P & IDís
    • Conduit Schedules
    • Cable Schedules
    • Installation Details
    • Data sheets
    • Loop Test Acceptance Form
    • Any Other Required Drawings
    • Traceability to NIST
    • SIS Validations
  • This complete data package aids the customerís maintenance department by reducing downtime and increasing the reliability of the overall instrumentation and control system. The fully documented system allows for fast trouble shooting, quick replacements, and on-the-fly changes.
  • The linked instrument index also integrates our construction progress tracking, by consolidating our tracking and documentation process into one, facilitating a completed construction project to be ready for PSSRís, start-up and commissioning activities without delay.