In 1994, Coates Electrical & Instrumentation was incorporated after many years of thoughtful preparation.  Scott A. Coates had been constructing & maintaining an industrial plant for twenty plus years and carefully planning for what he saw as a unique opportunity to provide qualified and highly skilled electrical technicians that could provide services for power, control and instrumentation.

Prior to 1994, leaving nothing to chance, Scott began learning business law and accounting principles.  He began training his first apprentices, Jason Coates and Shawn Lueders, who later became founding members of the corporation.  Scott, Jason & Shawn began wiring small residential remodels and service projects on nights and weekends.  This was the beginning of what would prove to be a powerful collaboration of their efforts.

During these first few small projects the three of them started wiring custom homes and learned their first valuable lessons, which have helped to form the efficient business model the corporation utilizes today.  In April of 1996, Scott started working for the business full time and two weeks later Jason and Shawn joined him.

Over the years they have tried to read the ever changing market and predict where the greatest opportunities would be.  This has led them from construction of industrial mining installations to wiring homes,  remodeling grocery stores, building new stores, automation, integration, chemical weapons destruction, robotic control, handling of hazardous & nuclear waste, building and remodeling of schools, churches, theaters, maintaining oil refineries, constructing hydrogen and industrial gas plants,  and many other applications of power, automation, integration and control.

As the company has grown many key individuals have been helpful to their success.  Coates is proud to have created a highly successful and skilled team to meet the needs of our customers.